Company Profile

1. CHINA- JIA YU Machine CO., LTD.

Dongguan City Founded in 1997, we are Taiwanese enterprise who dedicate develop and manufacture hot melt adhesive spraying/gluing machines mainly for shoemaking industry. Each series of our products are made through both incessantly development and rigorously quality control process, our target is not only to fulfill the requirements from our customers but also provide efficient and environmental friendly equipment. Our missions from established to date are to keep developing the machines via new technology and spend all the efforts to provide the highest quality and service performance to every customers.


Due to the thriving shoemaking business, we further invest a new company in Taichung, Taiwan by the year of 2015, to fulfill the increasingly market demand from regions like South East Asia, India, South Africa, Turkey and South America. Even though the demand of the market is huge and increasing, the labor force for shoemaking is decreasing in recent years, therefore, our company target is to develop the machines via our professional know-how and new technology to improve the process flow and enhance the production efficiency for our customers. By providing semi-automatic as well as fully automatic machines for shoemaking industry, our responsibilities are no doubt to satisfy every customer’s requests and be a key player in the shoemaking industry supply chain.

Service Industry

The development of our machines is focus for shoemaking industry, suitcase making industry, sports equipment manufacture, carpentry maker and handicraft industry. Because we can provide customized solution for our customers and offer them high efficiency, reliable and environmental friendly products, so most of the customers especially from shoemaking industry, suitcase making industry and handicraft industry give us highly credits. Choosing the products from us, you can sincerely feel the satisfaction and reliability.